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A Praying Life, Chapter 16

Chapter 16: "What We Don't Ask For: Our Daily Bread" | Week of June 24, 2018

“For the bread of God is he who comes down from heaven and gives life to the world.” – John 6:33


This week's chapter of A Praying Life begins with the observation: "In the church, most prayer requests are limited to sickness, joblessness, kids in crisis, and maybe an occasional missionary. Yet Jesus' prayer for daily bread was an invitation to bring all our needs to him." (Page 125)

The past two weeks we've looked at two different aspects of unhealthy prayer: thinking things are too small to bother God with, and thinking we don't have the right to pray big, bold things believing Jesus can't be serious about asking God anything in Jesus' name. This week, we put those ideas together to think about asking God for our daily bread.

Here's the trick, though. We need our daily needs met, but we also need our eternal spiritual needs met . "Often our need for daily bread opens doors to deeper heart needs for real food." (Page 125) When we begin to talk to God about the daily things, we will also begin talking to him about the eternal things.


Our big hesitation tends to be a lack of faith that we ought to involve God in things, and so we fail to seek wisdom from him. "But he wants to be part of all the decisions we make. He wants our material needs to draw us into our soul needs. This is what it means to abide—to include him in every aspect of our lives." (Page 126) Here's the big question to ponder this week: Are you working hard to earn or achieve something you desire rather than asking God to be involved in the process? If so, spend some time reflecting on what that is. Possible reasons include doubt of his goodness and grace, or fear he will say no or not yet, or maybe even awareness your desire is selfish.


Bring your desire to God, and ask him to speak wisdom into the situation. Help him to see what you're wanting with his eyes rather than your own. Ask him to work on your heart in the reasons you identified for being hesitant to include him in your decision-making.


This week's chapter talked about our daily needs, and this Sunday's sermon talked about God providing all that we need to be part of his kingdom, plus eternal life. Pray for the neighbors in need who come to this month's Halawai on Tuesday, June 26 as they live their week. Ask God to supply their daily needs through the service providers who are there, and open up their hearts to also meet their need for real nourishment, the bread of God who gives life to the world.


This week, talk to your kids about what it means to ask God for our daily bread. What are the things that we need as a family today? Then talk to them about the things that will ultimately be suggested that fall in the desire category, but not the need. God wants to know about those things, too, so pray for both: First, that God will provide all that you need, and second, that he will help you to desire wisely.

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