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A Praying Life, Chapter 11

Chapter 11: "Developing an Eye for Jesus" | Week of May 20, 2018

“He leads the humble in what is right, and teaches the humble his way.” – Psalm 25:9


If our gaze remains on ourselves, it's hard to develop an eye for Jesus. Paul Miller shares a couple stories in chapter 11 of A Praying Life that illustrate the stark difference between being consumed by your troubles – including how you plan to overcome them yourself – and a life patiently focused on Jesus. He shares the following comparison:

"My frantic busyness was a sharp contrast to her quiet waiting in prayer. She reflected the spirit of prayer. I reflected the spirit of human self-sufficiency." (Page 82)

Here's the problem: If we don't seek Jesus to be the loving, right and good King over our life, we sit down in that throne too easily. It's a humility issue, really. Any time we assume we have the resources, the connections, or the talent to deal with life ourselves, we shut Jesus out. He's content to wait for us; we're not content to wait for Him.

"Humility makes you disappear, which is why we avoid it." (Page 83)  


In Sunday's sermon, Pastor Walt wrapped up our series in the book of Daniel with the observation that one of the big questions of that book, and the Bible in general, is "How long?" What is the situation that comes to mind when you think of that question? How does your attitude in asking the question reflect: 1) your focus on something other than Jesus, and 2) your humility? This issue is your prayer project for the week.  


As Christians, we recognize that our sin pulls us away from keeping Jesus at the center. The result is that we are always needing to check our hearts and repent of the areas where we trust something other than God for our security, comfort, peace and joy. As you pray about your "How long?" situation, confess your trust in resources, relationships or talent that push you toward self-sufficiency rather than seeking Jesus, and ask God to change your heart this week. 


Building off of the above prayer, this week, ask God to make you aware of times in the past where He has acted faithfully. As Pastor Walt shared Sunday, sometimes we have to be reminded of where we've been to get to where we're going. Specifically, ask God to help you look back and remember how He acted out of His faithfulness to His character of love, righteousness and goodness to deliver you from prior "How long?" situations. Ask Him to work on your heart to trust His solutions rather than your own.   


Read Psalm 25:9 (above) with your family. Discuss what the word "humble" means and why being humble helps us to see God more clearly. Pray for becoming a more humble family in how you deal with difficult times together.

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