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A Praying Life, Chapter 1

Chapter 1: "What good does it do?" | Week of March 11, 2018


In the opening chapter, Paul Miller gets real. He identifies many of our obstacles to prayer: Doubt. Cynicism. Confusion. Distraction. Guilt. Wandering minds. Worry. Discomfort. Fear. Boredom. And a few others, too. "Has this been your experience? If so, know that you have lots of company. Most Christians feel frustrated when it comes to prayer!" (Page 4)

This is where most of us are beginning this prayer journey with Daybreak. We want to pray, and we know we should — after all, we are made in God's image, and for relationship with Him. But we are also broken, because sin disconnects us from that relationship. The good news, though, is that the light of Jesus changes everything! By God's grace, we can grow stronger in our prayer life as we learn how God designed prayer to work.


Take a few minutes to answer the following question (in your head, or a journal, or even the book margins if you'd like): "What gets in the way the most when I try to pray?" Be honest. This is just for you to discuss with God as we begin this journey.



Taking the list you made, spend a minute or two telling God about it. Something like, "God, I confess that _______ gets in the way when I try to pray. Help me to grow closer to You in prayer this year as I discover how You designed prayer to work."


This week, as you think of it, pray for our whole church to grow as a praying family together, as others spend time praying the same prayer you did this week.


Ask your kids what prayer is. Listen to their answers: this is where they are starting. A great simple definition is "Talking to God honestly about my life." Now try it together!

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