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MALAMA simply means "to care for", or "to help".  This is one of the ways that we meaningfly learn, worship, and partner together with the work that God is already doing around us.  Our Malama initiative incorporates a number of ministries that connect us as a church family to the beauty of culture around us.  These ministries range in scope from cultural learning, creation care, to community partnerships.  These ministries are open to anyone from our broader community as well as our Daybreak family.

Here are a few examples:

Weekly Ukulele Classes | Our weekly classes incorporate both musical instruction as well as cultural learning through story and Hawaiian history.  Classes take place every Monday morning on the Daybreak campus.


Monthly Poi Pounding  | This event takes place once a month on Saturday mornings in partnership with our good friend Kaniala.  Participants learn in a hands-on experience and through story how to pound poi from raw taro root, as well as what goes into crafting the different tools necessary to make poi in a traditional way.  This envrionment is very kid friendly.


Regular Creation Care  | One of our best classrooms is outdoors, tending to the creation that God has made around our campus, in our garden, and as a part of broader community conservation projects.  Our garden is made up of plants that are native to Hawaii, many of which are used traditonally for both food source and medicine.  This learning environment incorporates both Hawaiian culture and theology of creation and work.


If you'd like to jump in to any of these or have questions, please connect with Pastor Walt