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Gospel Communities

We were created for relationship and community- we were never meant to live life alone.  Community helps us as we grow, supports us when life is hard, encourages us toward Christ, and celebrates with us in life's victories.  At Daybreak we view our connectedness in this kind of relationship with each other as being a part of a healthy family.

Gospel Communities are how we live this out week to week.  Gospel Communities or "GC's" are smaller groups who meet throughout the week in a neighborhood setting.  Our groups are intergenerational, and are made up of singles, families, married couples, aunties, uncles, students, and children.  We believe that like a healthy family- our differences in life stage and age are a gift that help us grow stronger together.


What Does A Typical Gospel Community Gathering Look Like? Becasue each group is made up of different people, each is unique.  But there are three things that each community tries to do together weekly: Eat, Learn, and Pray.  We usually share a meal and spend time catching up.  We then are commited to grow together by learning through discussion and prayer.

Locations & Times: We have GC's that meet throughout the island on different days of the week.  We would love to get you connected!

Contact laura@daybreakhawaii.church for more info or if you'd like to jump into a GC!